Exercise Connection


Exercise Connection is successfully challenging the autism community to utilize exercise for preparing and developing an active lifestyle, up-and-coming workforce, and many undiscovered possibilities.

We adhere to the following principles when working with the individuals, their families, schools, organizations, and employment programs.

  • Build the Relationship
  • Create a Structured Environment
  • Teach the EC Five Components
  • Use the Visual Exercise System (VES)
  • Apply in Cross Curriculum

What We Do:

  • Professional Development & School Programs
  • Workshops & Presentations
  • iPad App & Visual Systems
  • Individual & Group Training
  • Employment Programs for both companies and this loyal and promising new workforce


For the past 10 years, we have been designing the tools and workshops to teach people, in and out of the exercise community, how to engage individuals with autism and other special needs to exercise.

We have trained parents and professionals in Egypt, Russia, Barbados and Dubai on the Exercise Connection Protocols. We are committed to developing resources in other languages to help make it easier for people around the world.

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