Atypical, LLC (Helping Kids Together)


Helping Kids Together (HKT) is the foundation of a social entrepreneurship focused on promoting outstanding individuals, goods and services while uniting people for a common cause.  Helping kids ease into society is our cause and we strive to accomplish this by instilling in them an appreciation of themselves through the arts, culture, and active living.  In our efforts to create something from nothing, we seek to demonstrate a respect for the process of making art–and life–happen.  We are NOT a charity or a non profit.  HKT operates under the umbrella of Atypical, LLC, a social enterprise organized for the purpose of doing good.  We believe in the power of businesses working together to make positive change.  We provide services for the benefit of the world at large and strive to support independent businesses in our working relationships to help kids be the best they can be.


We will gladly display the Commit to Inclusion logo on any and all of our event materials and sites.  I am trained and licensed by the Emily Post Institute in Children’s Social Skills and incorporate the principles of their organization: respect, honesty and consideration into everything.

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