The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival



WZA is a weekend long fitness-festival and competition, testing physical and mental capacity, in our fourth-year. We pride ourselves in being inclusive, with a total of 10 different divisions, over 1,200 athletes, and a newly added “Adaptive Athlete Division.” This year, the division will feature 20 athletes in this division, that will showcase their individual abilities whilst going head to head.


The WZA is the first competition of its kind in the “fitness” world, to include an Adaptive-Athlete division. We are putting as much emphasis on being inclusive as we do on our elite-level athletes. This is a profound step in providing opportunities for all athletes to compete in CrossFit inspired competitions, and we intend to make this a part of WZA’s identity. We hope others will follow suit, and that we can inspire more to provide opportunities to individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

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