American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD)


The mission of AAHD is to promote health and wellness initiatives for children and adults with disabilities.  AAHD strives to reduce health disparities and strive for community inclusion and full accessibility for people with disabilities.  AAHD is a leading national cross – disability organization specifically dedicated to integrating disability and health promotion into the overall public agenda. AAHD members consist of disability researchers, policy analysts, health care professionals, educators and people with disabilities and their family members.


AAHD is committed to the principles of Commit to Inclusion US – and Commit to Inclusion International Campaign.  AAHD  supports the implementation of the 9 Guidelines for Disability Inclusion.  AAHD supports programming at an international level that empowers people with disabilities to lead healthy and active lifestyles.  AAHD supports the development of programming and policy that provide children and adults with inclusive programming and policies that are committed to building healthy, inclusive communities that  engage, empower and educate children and adults with disabilities across the lifespan to lead healthy and productive lives.

As a national association that works collaboratively by building and strengthening partnerships and as a  key leader in information dissemination,  AAHD is committed to bridging the gap between identification of the needs of people with disabilities and affecting individual and systems change through supporting changes in programming and policy. AAHD supports the objectives of Commit to Inclusion International.

AAHD is a founding partner in the United States of the Commit to Inclusion principles and the 9 Guidelines to Disability Inclusion.

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