Bob Lujano on ISAPA 2015

July 1, 2015
Allison Hoit

The 20th International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity

Video Translation:

Lady reporter: And now, an extraordinary sports story.

Man reporter: Yes, Bob Lujano, a Paralympic athlete, and a person with a disability with an incredible life story. This man lost his arms and legs at the age of nine. He had all reasons to feel pity for himself and drown in sorrow, however despite all the difficulties, he pushed himself forward and became an athlete. A Paralympic athlete who won a medal and has been an inspiration to many people with disability who think that they cannot handle with the challenges in their lives. Let’s look at the article.

Article: He does everything. Working out at the gym, walking on the treadmill, signing on the books he wrote. Quite amazing considering that Bob Lujano is doing everything without hands and legs.  When he was nine years old he got very sick due to violent bacteria. The doctors told him that he was going to die. The violent bacteria demanded a heavy price and the doctors had to cut down his arms and legs. Young Lujano decided back then, not to give himself discounts in any aspect of life. He studied hard and was also involved in sports which is quite amazing for a person with no hands and legs.

Among all his verified activities, he also played for the American National wheelchair rugby team. They won the bronze medal at the Paralympic games.  His amazing story turned out to be a popular lectures tour. And now he’s here at the Wingate College for Sports Education, in a conference which discusses inclusion of persons with disabilities. The book that he wrote sold out really quickly today.

The message that Lujano is trying to pass is very clear: with willpower and ambition to succeed, one can get over any obstacle.

Prof. Hutzler: Persons with disabilities, who are involved in sports, tend to have a higher ability to perform specific skills. We took the speakers that you heard earlier today on a day trip to the old city of Jerusalem yesterday. The old city is not very accessible for wheelchairs. Yet, those people wondered around there with no difficulties.

Reporter: According to Bob, three things saved him: His faith in God, the supporting family-like environment he lives in, and self realization through sports.

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