Buddies in Action


 Our Mission: Our mission is to improve the health & wellness of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities by increasing access to professional health & wellness services, teaching the ACTION philosophy to a greater audience, and building a give and take community.Our Philosophy: It is all about ACTION.  All of our programs and teaching follow our 6 ACTION initiatives: increasing Awareness, building Confidence, Teaching and moving, Independence,Opportunity, Nutrition and overall wellness.


Our programming is exactly the same for “typical” participants as it is for our special participants and we take the time needed to master skills and provide participants with the confidence and knowledge to take their skills outside of class. Our programs are provided in an inclusive setting and we help set our participants up for additional inclusive opportunities in the community. We also commit to providing employment opportunities for our participants.

Our goal is NOT to open one special facility.  We believe that integrating our programs into already existing gyms, schools and wellness sites is one of the most important components to our program and is part of our efforts to help provide our participants with a safe, inclusive environment.

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