International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity


IFAPA is an international scientific organization of higher education scholars, practitioners and students dedicated to promoting APA. The fundamental purposes of IFAPA are :

  • to encourage international cooperation in the field of physical activity to the benefit of individuals of all abilities,
  • to promote, stimulate and support research in the field of adapted physical activity throughout the world,
  • and to make scientific knowledge of and practical experiences in adapted physical activity available to all interested persons, organizations and institutions.


IFAPA meets the objectives of this international campaign to advocate for inclusion and end any type of exclusion of persons with disabilities in all areas of physical activity worldwide (physical education, recreation, sport, rehabilitation through physical activities).

IFAPA will follow the objectives of the campaign :
-Ensure the rights of children with disabilities to physical activity and sport are incorporated into key frameworks and strategies across the UN system
-Increase global recognition through strategic communications and cooperation with regional and international organizations
-Advocate for the implementation worldwide of policies, programs and resources to make physical activity, physical education, recreation inclusive for all children
-Promote an equal access to these practices and ensure the quality of all programs
-Ensure that children with disabilities are included in key health promoting strategies and programs

In this scope IFAPA will spread through internet (website, Facebook page, newsletters, etc.) all information related to Commit to inclusion international advocacy campaign.  IFAPA will collaborate to share and spread experiences and good practices, resources and advices to enhance policies and programs that promote access and success of children with disabilities to inclusive sport and physical activity and ensure the effective application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and other relevant human rights legislation.

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