International Paralympic Committee


At the International Paralympic Committee we have a vision to enable para-athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world.


As an athlete centred organisation the IPC aims to create career pathways from the grassroots through to the Paralympic Games for those looking to take part in inclusive sport. The IPC also provides post career advice for those looking to transition from playing and practicing sport to working in a professional environment.

The IPC aims to achieve its vision through implementing our four year Strategic Plan which covers six key goals:

  • Consolidate the Paralympic Games as a premier sporting event
  • Empower para-athletes and support the development of para-sports
  • Improve the recognition and value of the Paralympic brand
  • Build sustainable funding
  • Shape organisational capability
  • Foster key strategic partnerships

It is through work in these six areas we work towards the Paralympic Movement’s ultimate aspirations which is to make for a more inclusive society for people with an impairment through sport.

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