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Physical activity through organized and community sport works to improve the inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities in two ways — by changing what communities think and feel about persons with disabilities and by changing what persons with disabilities think and feel about themselves.

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Key Messages (English)
  • Physical activity maximizes growth, development, health and performance across the lifecourse – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
  • Children with disabilities have the right to play with equitable and safe access to sport, physical education and recreation opportunities, services, resources.
  • Universal design of sports, fitness and playground equipment and facilities breaks down barriers and stigmas, fostering inclusive communities that contribute to sustainable development, health and well-being for all.
  • Quality physical education that can be adapted for children with diverse disabilities is essential to developing movement and learning skills that build agility, flexibility, coordination, muscle strength, self-control, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, reducing the co-morbidity of NCDs and obesity.
  • Inclusive physical activity, sport and recreation helps children with disabilities reduce dependence and build the skills, self-confidence and self-esteem needed to thrive and flourish.
Taglines (English)
  • Children with disabilities have the right to play.
  • Children with disabilities have the right to participate in sport, recreation and leisure.
  • It’s time to end the exclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities from physical activity and all associated areas.
  • Physical activity maximizes growth and development at all stages of life.
Taglines (Spanish)
  • Los niños y niñas con discapacidad tienen derecho a jugar.
  • Los niños y niñas con discapacidad tienen derecho a participar en el deporte, la recreación y el ocio.
  • Es hora de poner fin a la exclusión de los niños y niñas y adolescentes con discapacidad de la actividad física y todas las actividades asociadas.
  • La actividad física maximiza el crecimiento y el desarrollo en todas las etapas de la vida.
Taglines (Portuguese)  
  • As crianças com deficiência tem o direito a jogar.
  • Crianças com deficiência têm o direito de participar no esporte, recreação e lazer.
  • É hora de acabar com a exclusão de crianças e adolescentes com deficiência de atividade física e todas as atividades associadas.
  • A atividade física maximiza o crescimento e desenvolvimento em todas as fases da vida.
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