Physical Literacy: A Global Environmental Scan

June 22, 2015
Allison Hoit

PPLiteracy10 Countries + 3 Deep Dives = 1 First-Ever Global Scan of Physical Literacy Initiatives

Ever since physical literacy was introduced as a promising concept at the Project Play launch summit in 2013, the Aspen Institute’s Project Play has been committed to developing a cross-sector strategy for the United States. But first, they wanted to know: What can we learn from the nations that have already embarked on their physical literacy journeys?

In partnership with the Sport and Physical Activity Research Collaborative, the Aspen Institute’s Project Play is proud to share with you Physical Literacy: A Global Environmental Scan, the first-ever effort to catalogue physical literacy movements across the world.

SAVE THE DATE: Physical Literacy in the United States: A Model, Strategic Plan, and Call to Action will be released on June 26th at Spotlight: Health, a precursor to the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Download your copy here

*The report includes the evidence of inclusion of people with disabilities.