Sport for All: The Case for Inclusive Physical Activity Programs

July 22, 2015
Allison Hoit

Excerpt from The Huff Post Impact blog written by Edwin Moses, Chairman of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation:

“The Special Olympics are about to begin in Los Angeles and by this time next year the Olympics and Paralympics will be underway; the world will be watching sport and judging success in wins and losses. While many of the athletes working with me at Laureus USA are Olympians and Paralympians, we understand something as a collective group which is very important – not every kid is going to compete for gold, but every kid deserves a chance to play sports. Therefore we’ve banded together as a Laureus family to promote universal access to sport for kids, which means a commitment to inclusion.”

Moses also writes,

“We need more programs in the U.S. to have adaptive and inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities. In order to create lasting impact over the next 25 years we need to look at these problems holistically and commit to overcoming the barriers to access. I hope others will join us and commit to inclusion.”

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