Spring Meadow Resources



Spring Meadow Resources is a non-profit organization providing assisted and supported living services to those with disabilities in Helena, Montana.  We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for adults with disabilities by providing:

  • safe and healthy living environments;
  • education;
  • recreation and leisure activities that promote social and emotional health; and
  • the opportunity for people to make informed choices in their lives.


Our programs inherently target individuals with various levels of disability. Individuals are very much involved with the design input for the various activities. All of the programs are highly accessible for all individuals. The activities are developed to accommodate all of those interested in involvement. We do conduct outreach activities in the community as well as from a state impact on awareness. Many clients have cost plans but we are more focused on delivering a much needed service and will provide this service. We further in conclusion monitor the programs for outcomes and continued development.

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