This UNESCO chair is committed to transform the lives of people with disabilities, their families and communities through enabling their inclusion in physical education (PE), sport, fitness and recreation by education, advocacy and collaboration between higher-education institutions, federations, development organisations, service providers, users and industry.


Our UNESCO Chair commits to action towards Mainstreaming Diversity, empowerment of persons with disabilities and their communities and enabling civic society to become fully and effectively inclusive. One of our main guiding principles is changing minds through influencing policy and changing lives through innovative practice and partnerships in Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Fitness. Our Chair team and partnership place the rights, interests, choices and full enjoyment of people with disabilities at the forefront of all actions. As a bridge builder between academia and civic society, policy makers, legislators and society as a whole we commit to developing and making available resources that will support inclusion through our CRAFTE strategic components: Communication, Research, Advocacy, Funding,Training and Education.

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