United States Disabled Golf Association



We are here to serve disabled golfers by creating a national event where all types of disabled golfers can compete under one umbrella.


  • Hold the US Disabled Open.
  • Coordinate and promote tournaments within the United States for people with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Seek the integration of golf for USA golfers with disabilities into the international golf movement for able-bodied golfers.
  • Motivate people with disabilities to take their health seriously and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide scholarships for college for disabled students.
  • Promote disabled golf throughout the US so more golfers will enjoy being physically active while competing at a high level.
  • Hold Ryder Cup matches against Europe and Australia.
  • Teach people with disabilities the rules of golf and the handicap system that we abide by.
  • Hold golf clinics for people with disabilities.
  • Seek the inclusion of golf to the Paralympics.
  • Work with the USGA and PGA to have a better system in place for the disabled and having a level playing field for net competition.


The United States Disabled Golf Association (USDGA) is committed to providing people with disabilities an opportunity to play golf at the highest level in the USA.

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