VR Horizons


VR Horizons is an online community space for individuals and professionals in the disability community or Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) industry. Our goal is to provide a community of practice, led by VR professionals, to participate in useful dialogue about emerging technology, to help impact policy and stay ahead of the curve. VR and disability related resources, discussion boards, guest blogs and a sponsorship program are some of the many tools offered on our website. VR Horizons is open and free for all individuals or professionals to join and connect.


VR Horizons will integrate monthly blog/news posts about ways individuals can get involved in Commit to Inclusion. By targeting our VR Professionals that utilize our resource site, hopefully they can take it back to their organization or agency and advertise to their consumers/clients. We will also post the Commit to Inclusion web page on our resources so our visitors and community members can access the site.

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