America Walks


America Walks, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit national organization is leading the way in making America a great place to walk. We provide a voice for walking and walkable communities with federal agencies, provide strategy support, training and technical assistance to statewide, regional, and local organizations, and serve as the convener of the national Every Body Walk! Collaborative. Together, America Walks and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative boast 700 allied organizations who across the nation are working to increase walking and make America a better place to walk.


America Walks commits to creating inclusive healthy communities by working with partners to make sure that advocates, practitioners and organizations have the tools, resources, and knowledge to create places where every individual, regardless of ability, can be active, healthy and happy.

Partnership for Inclusive Health Quote

“At America Walks, we believe that every individual, regardless of regardless of age, ability, gender, sexual orientation or economic status has the right to walk and be physically active. The Partnership for Inclusive Health is an important step in creating communities where everyone can be healthy and active.” – Kate Kraft, Executive Director, America Walks

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