Challenged Athletes Foudation


CAF impacts lives of people with permanent physical challenges through sports.  A single grant for a piece of equipment or providing a newly injured patient a mentor who has shared the same experience becomes a symbol of hope.  We use sports as a vehicle to overcome the limitations of body, mind, and spirit, to create confidence, provide hope, and empower them to do more with their lives.  Since our inception, CAF has funded over $80 million dollars in grants to 15,000 challenged athletes of all ages and abilities in all 50 United States and 42 international countries.


55% of CAF applicants have a median household income of less than $35,000.  All applicants deal with the additional financial stress of medical bills, wheelchair or prosthetic maintenance, and adaptations to home and transportation.  Since insurance deems sports a luxury, adaptive sports equipment remains out of reach for many.

CAF commits to include by supporting those with physical disabilities to gain access to sport.  Beyond the immediate health benefits, sports provide a massive network and community to foster social development through competition, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

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