Indiability Foundation


Indiability Foundation, a registered non-profit organization in the UK and India, is working to improve the ordinary lives, opportunities, and human rights of people with physical disabilities in India.

Our aim is to promote the value of education, health, and gender, to enhance the social inclusion of India’s citizens with disabilities into mainstream communities.

Indiability is a sister charity to SKSN Institute. SKSN grants children with disabilities the RIGHT to a free, formal, boarding school education, in a mixed-ability environment. All students have access to custom-made assistive devices through the on-campus Mobility Design Workshop.

In addition to the formal education system, a unique parallel and informal, ‘sport for development & social change’ curriculum is provided by Indiability through IMAGE (Indian Mixed Ability Group Events). This partnership enables Indiability to help promote and share SKSN’s learnings in the field of disability at an international level, and improve the lives of physically disabled youth across India


Indiability is committed to providing children and youth with disabilities equal access to a full education, and equipping them with employable skill-sets through their work experience with IMAGE, which in turn, allows them to nurture their own social inclusion into mainstream society.

IMAGE is predicted on influencing young minds through experiential learning delivered using sport.

Through this interaction, disabled youth in particular, learn that if they are to be accepted into mainstream society, they need to prove themselves as productive members of their communities. Likewise, society, realise that they cannot continue to denigrate people with disabilities, when these ostracised youth are clearly demonstrating they are positive ‘role models’ for their communities – no matter how unlikely this might seem!

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