Photovoice Project

Photovoice is a tool that has been developed to help enable and facilitate the participation of community members (particularly those who experience social disadvantage that limits their power, social capitol, and ability to participate in dialogues about policy). Developed by Claire Wang in the late 1990s, photovoice has been used by community-based organizations and groups invested in improving both population health and health equity. In photovoice projects, community member participants take video and photographs that document the aspects of their lives that allow them to be healthy, or act as barriers to health. These photos and videos are then used to help them speak about the structural forces at work in their communities that limit their ability to be healthy, but also give communities greater power to shape the representation and understanding of the places in which they live.

 Help identify and address barriers that create health inequity for people with disability!
  • Submissions should include photographs and videos describing barriers that create health inequity for people with disability and what can be done to address the issue.

  • Submissions can also include positive examples showing what an inclusive opportunity should look like.

Send in submissions on social media using the hashtag #InclusionMeans and tag @InclusionMeans on Twitter/Instagram or email to

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