Play Like A Girl!®



Our Mission:  Play Like A Girl! is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending childhood obesity in girls by promoting physical activity as a path to health and success. Our mission is to inspire girls everywhere to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. Since 2004, Play Like A Girl! has leveraged the collective power of women to unify and accelerate action on behalf of girls’ health and wellness through its creative online network, targeted community outreach and live events specially designed to reach girls across the Southern United States. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The organization has no paid staff and is operated and maintained by its members and volunteers. To learn more or make a donation, visit


Play Like A Girl! will incorporate Commit to Inclusion in all of our policies, procedures and programs in an effort to empower people with disability to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

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